May 4, 2011

A New Direction

I have this chalkboard hanging in my kitchen.  Actually, it's the chalkboard in the banner.  It's a good sized chalk board.  D rescued it from an undeserving fate - of being piled in a heap with the rest of the trash at the dump.  It needed some love, so I painted it a bright cheery green.  Now it hangs happily on the wall, displaying our weekly menus.  Sometimes it's called in for backup at parties, letting our guests know what's being served (so I don't have to) or to provide a surface on which to draw silly (or inappropriate) pictures.

I also have this problem.  I've been holding onto recipes for weeks.  I've stored several drafts of several posts in my queue and haven't shared them with you yet.  I bet you didn't even know they were there.  Or maybe you did, figuring I've probably been cooking still during these periods of dead air.  So I'm going to try something new.  I'll post my meal plans for the week on here, that way I'll be forced to quicken my blogging pace and you'll know when I've been holding out.  No more squirreling away posts like winter's coming.

Here goes nothing.

Vegetable Quiche {zucchini, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, cheddar} 

Grilled Salmon {garlic, herb and citrus marinade}
Adzuki Bean Burgers {millet, oven dried tomatoes, avocado and smoked paprika aioli} 

Wilted Swiss Chard {carmamelized onions, sultanas and balsamic vinegar}

Oatmeal Cookies {seven grain cereal, raisins, chocolate chips, toasted walnuts}

Chips and Salsa {chile de arbol, guajillo, pepitas, roasted roma tomatoes}